Univ.-Ass. Mag. Elitsa Tilkidzhieva - psychotherapist, teaching therapist and supervisor

About me

I am a psychotherapist, coach and supervisor, teaching therapist, and trainer at the Institute for Integrative Gestalt therapy in Vienna, as well as a lecturer and co-leader at the Institute for training research at Sigmund Freud University. After my psychological studies in Bulgaria, I pursued and finished psychotherapeutic training at Sigmund Freud University (in cooperation with the Institute for Integrative Gestalt Therapy, Vienna). I have been working in the field of mental healthcare since 2004 and for years I have led a successful practice in Vienna and Graz. My areas of expertise include personality disorders, affective disorders, stress-related and somatoform disorders, chronic stress and chronic diseases, migration and cultural topics, health promotion and quality of life.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. My personal and academic route brought me to Austria in the year 2009, where I specialized in psychotherapy and became a licensed professional, where I found my well-being and where I develop myself further every day.


Teaching therapist, group leader, teaching supervisor (IG Wien, Austria)
Entry in the list of psychotherapists of Ministry of Healthcare, Austria

Psychotherapeutic advanced training - Integrative Gestalt therapy (IG Wien, Austria)
Master study Psychotherapy Science (Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria)
Bachelor study Psychotherapy Science (Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria)
Bachelor study Psychology (New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Additional Education

Relational living body psychotherapy (Continuing education, Julianne Appel-Opper)
Body-oriented Approach in the Gestalt therapy (Continuing education, IG Wien)

Psychosocial Competences in the Economy (University training, SFU)
The Science of Happiness (Continuing education, Berkeley, USA)
The Origins and Varieties of Group Therapy (Continuing education, Bud Feder, IG Wien)
Gestalt Therapy with Children (Continuing education, Thomas Schön, IG Wien)
Person-centred Couple and Family Therapy (Continuing education, Charles O’Leary)
Emotional Focused Therapy Training – Level one (Continuing education, SFU)
Introduction in Brainspotting (Continuing education, David Grand)
Gestalt Therapy and Personal Growth (Continuing education, Bud Feder, IG Wien)
Psychodrama: Creativity and Spontaneity in Action (Continuing education, Anna Chesner, IG Wien)

Research Activity at Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Co-leader of the Institut for Training Research

Awards & Honors

CEEPUS (University Vienna - New Bulgarian University)
Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science (University training, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary)
Distinction in List of the Best Students of New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Further Professional Experience

Manager in the Automobile Industry (4 Years)