Univ.-Ass. Mag. Elitsa Tilkidzhieva - psychotherapist, teaching therapist and supervisor


Coaching supports self-reflection in professional context of individuals, teams and organisations. The goal is to develop a realistic self-perception, to recognize and accept one’s own limits, to help manage conflicts better, to find new ways and creative solutions, as well as to understand, manage and support the effects of change processes. Through Coaching the awareness grows and a wide palette of solutions and possibilities to deal with the challenges develop.

Coaching is appropriate for everyone who has a responsible and demanding professional role (as project leader, specialist or manager). In cases of upcoming changes it might be reasonable to accompany teams, which work together, for a certain period of time.

Coaching is also suitable for people searching for new professional orientation.

Coaching can help to:

  • Define professional functions and roles, to practice leadership techniques
  • Learn to deal with a new role
  • Strengthen the capacity to negotiate
  • Improve and facilitate conflicts management
  • Promote and support dealing with difficult feelings
  • Improve the behaviour in public appearance
  • Manage stresses and difficulties better
  • Prevent Burn-out
  • Recognize unconscious processes and dynamics in the organization
  • Support change process in the company
  • Reflect on and regulate organizational developmental processes (perception, alternatives, interventions, analysis, side effects)
  • Supportnew orientations in profession and life

Length of Coaching

Coaching takes about 10-15 Sessions. The intensity and frequency of the sessions depend on the process and on the individual (corporative) development.

I offer Coaching in English, German, and Bulgarian in individual and team setting.