Univ.-Ass. Mag. Elitsa Tilkidzhieva - psychotherapist, teaching therapist and supervisor


Supervision offers methodological reflection of your professional work in the psychotherapeutic and psychosocial field. Together we will make various processes transparent and find suitable coping strategies in case of difficulties in your work, which would both lead to the development of your personality, professional competence and ethical principles.

Through the reflection on your casework your professional competence will be enhanced and you will be able to:

  • Identify transference and countertransference processes
  • Identify your own "blind spots"
  • Gain knowledge about group processes, interactions, interrelations and communication processes
  • Gain new perspectives and flexible treatment options (interventions)
  • Clarify questions of your own professional identity
  • Strengthen your own frustration tolerance and flexibility
  • Gain adequate diagnostic understanding
  • Recognise and work through changes in the therapeutic process
  • Implement theoretical understandings in the practice
In the process of Supervision a special attention will be put on the affects your work has on you personally, and support for adequate handling of stress and workloads will be provided.  

Length of Supervision

The duration of supervision is individually determined. The frequency of the individual sessions is based on the process, individual needs and personal development.

I offer Supervision in English, German and Bulgarian in individual and group settings.

The groups consist of 4-6 participants.